Buyer, Single Family home in 2018 in Freeport, NY

Words can’t begin to express how great Sal was as my realtor. I refer to him as my fairy house father because of how much work he and his team put in to get me to close on my home. Sal shares every step with you and educates you in this long process that can sometimes be overwhelming. He also listened to my needs closely and found me everything I wanted. Through no fault of ours we lost the first deal we worked months for due to a negligent owner (turned off the heat in winter and pipes exploded). When I wanted to give you up, Sal found my current home the SAME day I had to see the one that fell through. Sal did not let me give up, and I have already recommended him to many of my own friends and family based on his 18+ years of experience, positive attitude, and all around support for me as his client. While he is busy, I NEVER felt like I could t reach Sal and didn’t have to deal with assistants or other impersonal minions like.otjer realtors I know of. When others told me my budget was too small, Sal found multiple listings and we worked together to get me my first house. If you have any doubts or need a realtor who cares significantly more about YOU and what works for your budget and wish list go with Sal. He is truly the best and I LOVE my new house. Sal has also made sure to go to bat for me and support questions even now that I’ve closed. As someone who values great customer service, for something major like this, these qualities make writing this review a pleasure! You won’t regret working with Sal!


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